Top Performance with Yamaha Genuine Parts!

Your motorcycle uses some parts that wear out through normal driving or due to environmental factors. Once these parts wear beyond their usable limits, your motorcycle cannot achieve its full performance.
Genuine parts maintain a balance between performance and safety. Careless use of non-genuine parts may disturb this balance and lead to a serious breakdown or accident.
Having your Yamaha dealer perform maintenance using genuine parts will ensure that your motorcycle always stays in perfect condition and demonstrates uncompromising performance.

Ensuring High Levels of Durability and Safety

Genuine parts are developed together with the motorcycles they are used in. They are perfected through a full series of tests that include precise measurements taken using testing equipment and driving tests carried out on a test course, and are only shipped to our customers around the world after then passing a strict quality check. Genuine parts are the culmination of the development capability and technical abilities Yamaha has nurtured over many years. Yamaha promises that genuine parts offer the highest quality to ensure high levels of durability and safety for each motorcycle.

YAMALUBE Four-Stroke Engine Oil

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