Yamalube Chain Spray

Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only, and may differ from actual product supplied.

The stress on drive chain is enormous so every improvement in lubrication technology can have a signifficant effect on the life of the chain. However, from surveys we know that besides protection against wear, great importance is also put on throw-off behaviour of the lubricant.

  • Extreme adhesion
  • Longer application intervals
  • Signifficantly extended chain life
  • Practically impossible to throw off
  • Excellent penetration
  • Optimum lubricating properties from -30C to +110C
  • Effectively protects against rust
  • Highly resistant against washing off (driving through rain, cycle washes)
  • Contains PTFE
  • Protects 0/X/Z rings and keeps them supple


  • Available in 75ml and 300ml aerosol cans. 75ml can refillable from 300ml.
  • YMD-65049-A0-11 Replaces ACC-SYNCH-AI-NL and ACC-CHAIN-0F-AA and ACC-CHAIN-0N-AA
YMD-65049-A0-21 (Yamalube Chain Spray - 75ml) $9.91
YMD-65049-A0-11 (Yamalube Chain Spray - 300ml) $16.50