Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection (YCOP)

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Your outboard is quite an investment. So when it’s left unattended, don’t leave it unsecured. Our Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection System (Y-COP) disables the ignition system via an operator-controlled key fob (transmitter). 
The YCOP system provides added value for peace of mind protection against theft. This is a ‘true” immobiliser system that will shut down the engines management system from unauthorised use. Once locked leave the keys in the ignition and walk away. Expensive engine ECM’s and receivers are required to rebirth the locked down outboard.
The YCOP is a simple accessory that may be easily added to the Command Link network. It is optional on all EFI four stroke models, (2012 to current).

6Y8-W0035-83 (Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection (YCOP) ) $230.69