Y4-FS 10W40 Full Synthetic

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Features and benefits include very high film strength to protect the engine and gearbox. It provides easier and faster gear changing, and is ideal for oil immersed clutches. It's fully synthetic blend allows for high performance and meets JASO MA standards. Y4-FS is compatible with catalytic converters, it has good detergency and dispersion, anti-oxidizing, anti-corrosion and anti-foaming properties.

YMD-65011-01-03 (1Ltr Y4-FS 10W40 Full Synthetic - 1 litre) $21.49
YMD-65011-04-02 (4 Ltr, Y4-FS 10W40 Full Synthetic) $72.50
YMD-65011-60-01 (60 Ltr, Y4-FS 10W40 Full Synthetic) $955.49
YMD-65011-20-81 (208L, Y4-FS 10W40 Full Synthetic) $2,711.49