Y4 15W50 Mineral

Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only, and may differ from actual product supplied.

Formula meets or exceeds performance requirements of API SJ and JASO MA standards; non friction modified containing performance additives that fight corrosion, varnish and wear. The special formulas that make up YAMALUBE 4 provide low friction, high performance and longer engine life.

90793-AS410-BT (Y4 15W50 Mineral - 1 litre) $13.75
90793-AS411-BT (Y4 15W50 Mineral - 4 litre) $43.95
90793-AS412 (Y4 15W50 Mineral - 20 litre) $203.94
90793-AS413 (Y4 15W50 Mineral - 209 litre) $1,318.30