F Series Aluminium Propellers

Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only, and may differ from actual product supplied.

Although aluminium is the lowest-cost option for most engines, Yamaha aluminium propellers provide better performance than other aluminium propellers because of their precise matching to Yamaha engines.  Other sizes for various engine hp are available through your dealer. Compatible with four stroke F20A-F25D and 20-30hp two stroke models.


Please Note: Not all Yamaha propellers are listed in Y-shop. Certain styles and sizes will require additional dealer support to verify the most suitable for your boat and intended use. Any prop selected for purchase will not be refundable. We suggest that you contact your Yamaha outboard dealer and obtain advice prior to purchasing any propeller on-line. If a replacement propeller is required, ensure that the correct identification is obtained and matched accordingly. Failure to select the correct propeller may result in poor performance, reduced reliability and in some circumstances limitations to your factory warranty.


664-45941-01 (Aluminium Propeller Series F – 9-7/8 x 9 Pitch) $110.00
664-45945-00 (Aluminium Propeller Series F – 9-7/8 x 10-1/2 Pitch) $110.00
664-45947-01 (Aluminium Propeller Series F – 9-7/8 x 11-1/4 Pitch) $110.00
664-45954-01 (Aluminium Propeller Series F – 9-7/8 x 12 Pitch) $110.00
664-45949-02 (Aluminium Propeller Series F – 9-7/8 x 13 Pitch) $110.00