4M 5W30 FC-W Full Synthetic Engine Oil

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Contains all of the benefits of mineral oil-based Yamalube 4C 10W30, with increased lubricity for lower friction levels and potentially improved fuel economy. Specific marine additives help combat rust, corrosion, varnish, and wear; all while providing high levels of lubrication, bearing protection and resistance to foaming. Recommended primarily for Yamaha VMAX SHO outboards, plus the V6 Offshore and F70 four stroke outboards. Note: Can also be used in other brands of marine sterndrive and inboard engines. 5W-30 weight provides excellent lubrication in all climates. FCW rated by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA).

LUB-05W30-FC-12 (4M 5W30 FC-W Full Synthetic Engine Oil, 946 ml) $19.39
LUB-05W30-FC-04 (4M 5W30 FC-W Full Synthetic Engine Oil, 3.7 Ltr) $68.19