2-Stroke Cowl Covers - Yamaha Splash

Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only, and may differ from actual product supplied.

Yamaha Branded Cowl Covers.

Our Yamaha Cowl covers are fully-vented engine covers specifically designed to protect the cowling whilst the engine is running. Our Splash Covers fit like a second skin and are made from felt backed Polysoft®, a marine grade fabric which is waterproof, breathable and UV stable.

Splash Covers are designed to remain on the engine at all times protecting the cowling from:

  • UV Fading
  • Accidental knocks and scratches
  • Bird droppings
  • Salt corrosion
  • Lure damage
  • Ski rope burns

So no matter what your leisure time activity may be, whether you are waterskiing, fishing or are simply moored, your engine will be kept in pristine condition.

  • Yamaha Splash Covers are designed not to cover the tell tail and exhaust ports.
  • Splash Covers are designed to be towed at high speeds on the outboard motor
  • Splash Covers are designed to allow access to an internal fuel tank, where fitted.
  • Splash Covers are secured with marine grade shock cord that grips the engine just below where the cowling and engine head join
  • Our Splash Covers do not inhibit the motor's performance in any way and have been factory approved for in use operation.
Y2-2S (2HP Splash Cowl Cover 1998>) $136.61
Y3-2S (3HP Splash Cowl Cover 1998>) $123.76
Y5-2S (4/5HP Splash Cowl Cover 1982>) $123.76
Y8-2S (6/8HP Splash Cowl Cover) $160.74
Y15-2S (9.9/15HP 2C Splash Cowl Covers) $162.94
Y25-2S (20/25HP 2C 1998 Onwards Splash Cowl Covers) $220.38
Y30-2PS (30HP 2C Pull Start 98> Splash Cowl Cover. (3 Cylinder)) $220.38
Y30-2CVS (30HP CV 2C 98> Splash Cowl Cover (2 Cylinder)) $220.38
Y30-2ES (30HP Electric Start Splash Cowl Cover) $220.38
Y50-2S (40HP VETO / 50HP HETO 2C 1998> Electric Start Splash Cowl Cover) $228.12
Y50-2PS (40HP / 50HP 2C Pull Start Cowl Cover) $228.12
Y40-2CVS (40CV Splash Cowl Cover 1995>) $220.38
Y70-2S (60HP / 70HP 2C 1998 Onwards Splash Cowl Cover) $262.73
Y85-2S (75 / 85 Splash Cowl Cover) $265.07
Y90-2S (90HP 2C Splash Cowl Cover) $294.62
Y140-2SWSS (115 / 130 / 135 / 140HP 2C Salt Water Series Splash Cowl Cover) $306.11
Y200-2SWSS (150/175/200HP BETO/CETO/DETO/FETO 1996> Splash Cover) $328.73
Y200-2HPDIS (200HP Z150 / Z175 / Z200 / Z200 / Z250 Splash Cowl Cover) $314.95
Y250-2SWSS (225 / 250 SWS Splash Cowl Cover) $328.73