15L Safari Tank

Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only, and may differ from actual product supplied.

This 15L Fuel Tank to suit WR/F models offers a huge increase in fuel by doubling the standard fuel tank capacity. Delivering a corresponded increase in fuel range allowing owners to ride harder, for longer.

Designed to closely replicate the ergonomics of a standard bike the new tank replaced the air box cover but retains the radiator shrouds. Air flow to the radiators is not affected.

Supplied with mounting hardware and instructions.


Capacity: 15L

Colour: Translucent white OR Grey

Expected distance capability: 140 to 150kms for WR250F

Note: Access to air filter for maintenance is gained by removing tank bolts and, with very low level fuel, hinging front of tank up. No need to disconnect fuel or electrics.

2GB-24110-V2-CL (15L Safari Tank - Translucent White) $649.00
2GB-24110-15-GY (15L Safari Tank - Grey) $649.00
  • 2015 - 2016 WR250F
  • 2016 - 2017 WR450F